Before Your Coming

à l’ARA

Before you come to the ARA:
To guarantee you an optimal effect, I invite you to:

 Make sure that your state of health allows you to receive one of my services *
 Check your appointment time, I will be happy to inform you if you have any doubts
After your session:

 Make sure to be kind to yourself and avoid all forms of intense activity or conflict situations
 Allow yourself time to feel and slowly come back to reality. You will thus keep the benefit of the service received.

My commitments:

    To guarantee the quality of my services, I am approved by the French Federation of Massages-Well-being (FFMBE), whose code of ethics I strictly adhere to:

FFMBE code of ethics

 My priority is to act with deep and mutual respect for the person
 I give myself the means to be at your disposal and available to your requests
 I take care and attention in the preparation of your session and I ensure your comfort

* My services are contraindicated in the event of :

Fever, skin lesions, undiagnosed lumps, edema, contusion, sharp back pain, varicose vein, phlebitis, thrombosis, cardiovascular disease, sprain, strain, burn, aneurysm.

If you think you have one or more of the symptoms or pathologies listed above, please contact the appropriate health professional who will confirm with you the validity of my services. Ask him, according to your case, for a certificate of no contraindication to the relaxology techniques that I provide: Well-Being Massage, Tui Na Massage, Shiatsu, Relax Co and Do In.