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You take a seat on a massage table. Depending on your level of modesty, you keep and take off the clothes you want. In all cases, privacy is preserved by the use of towels on the private parts.

I will offer you different kinds of oil and you will choose the one according to your preference: texture, flagrance, etc. 

Depending on your personality and the desired benefits, the intuitive massage will lead me to use several techniques: 

Swedish massage and its benefits: Physical massage performed mainly by zones. Its purpose is to eliminate muscle tension. It is the perfect massage to relieve pain related to nervous tension or following intense muscular effort (aches). 

It is also a work on the joints, the fascias (membranes that surround the muscles), to relax the stomach and achieve certain visceral tensions. Particularly invigorating and stimulating, it is appreciated for example by athletes or people under stress. 

The Californian massage known as "holistic" and its benefits: Intended to unify the body as a whole, to soothe and homogenize the energy of this one. 

It is conducive to absolute relaxation. Its long, slow, fluid, harmonious movements (like a wave) and the pressure, light to medium, provide an enveloping, reassuring and warm feeling. This massage calls for relaxation, especially psychic. 

It is particularly indicated for people feeling a need for softness, security, comfort, or quite simply, for people who want to take a moment out of time ... 

With these 2 techniques, I offer a real "à la carte" massage, fully personalized according to your current needs: 100% Swedish or 100% Californian sequence or mixed with both techniques

Rate :

30 minutes : 30 euros
60 minutes : 60 euros
90 minutes : 80 euros
120 minutes : 110 euros

Any cancellation of less than 48 hours will be due



The Tui Na is one of the tools belonging to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) along with acupuncture, Chinese pharmacopoeia, Chinese dietetics and Qigong. 

It is an ancestral massage that is based on more than 3000 years of study. 

It aims to work on stress points in a tonic way using manual methods and by working on acupuncture meridians and acupressure points.

The person is positioned on the stomach and a towel covers the whole body. 

The first part of the protocol is carried out without the use of oil. The different techniques are done on the towel that covers the body. 

Then the second part uses massage oil. The session lasts about 1h15. 

This very invigorating and deep massage is not recommended for pregnant women and people suffering from a herniated disc.


This technique makes it possible to restore an energy, physiological and structural balance. 

Tui Na massage can relieve back pain and stiff necks. It allows you to regain energy. 

In case of osteoarthritis and adhesions, massages provide relaxation.

It is a deep and invigorating massage that helps release points of tension throughout the body.

Rate :
 60 euros  Duration : 1H15

Any cancellation of less than 48 hours will be due


Of Japanese origin and based on the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Shiatsu, literally "finger pressure" is a method of regulating the energy flow by pressure of the thumbs along the acupuncture meridians and on specific points.


The person, dressed in a flexible and comfortable outfit, is lying on a futon (pure cotton mattress). 

She receives a Shiatsu called "Balance" applied to all meridians of the back, pelvis, legs, feet, head, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands.

The Benefits: Shiatsu allows a body-mental energy rebalancing and brings relaxation of the body and pacification of the mind. 

Shiatsu is a time dedicated solely to oneself. The state of deep relaxation it provides is particularly effective in overcoming stress, nervousness, insomnia, and emotional disturbances.

Rate :

 60 euros  Durée : 1H20

Any cancellation of less than 48 hours will be due



Stemming from an ancestral tradition, this totally original method is practiced on the ground. You are dressed in a flexible and comfortable outfit. You have eaten light before or even better, you are outside your digestion period.

The technique consists of a series of vibrations, swings and stretches gradually applied to the entire body (muscles and joints) from head to toe.


The gentle vibrations, swaying, stretching deeply relax muscles and joints. They dissolve tension and blockages, softening the body and also freeing breathing.
This physical relaxation leads to a deep calming of the mind and emotions.
Particularly adapted to the conditions of current life, it is the ideal technique for learning to let go, a notion dear to the Orientals to offer to the modern Western world.

Rate :

 60 euros  Durée : 60MN

Any cancellation of less than 48 hours will be due



A discipline of self-massage (auto-shiatsu) which has its source in Chinese tradition, Do meaning Path and In energy. Do In uses classic massage maneuvers: friction, kneading, strikes, percussion, stretching over the whole body: hands, head and face, trunk and arms, abdomen, lower back, legs and feet. 

And also breathing exercises. The session is practiced in groups, mainly in a seated position on the floor (or on a chair). There are 2 types of Do In:

• The tonic Do In which is preferably practiced in the morning
• The relaxing Do In which is ideal at the end of the day after work.


It is a technique for maintenance and physical fitness. It eliminates wastes (lactic acid and uric acid) that accumulate in muscles and joints. It restores the free flow of energies in the body by acting on the meridians, "rivers of energy" which circulate on the surface of the body according to traditional Chinese medicine. 

It also acts on certain acupuncture points: "wells" to access the "river of energy".

Rate :

Do In (tonic or relaxing) in group lessons on registration 

At the council room in the town hall of Mont Saint Vincent 

In the room of the White Elephant, Ursuline convent in


1h30: 15 euros / person

Any cancellation of less than 48 hours will be due


I come to you with my professional equipment and all you have to do is heat (25 ° C) a space of at least 6m2.

Rate :

30 minutes : 40 euros
60 minutes: 70 euros
90 minutes : 90 euros
120 minutes : 120 euros

Any cancellation of less than 48 hours will be due

The prices offered include travel over a radius of 20 km around Mont Saint Vincent and Montcenis. 

For more distant services, please contact me so that I can offer you a quote.